Find Free Ringtones For Android & iPhone

Are you bored of hearing your smartphone’s ringtone?

We will tell you the best websites and apps to download free ringtones for android and iPhone devices.

Best Websites For Finding Free Ringtones on Mobile:

For many people, finding the right sites for ringtones is a task in and though itself. With so many scams out there, you need to dig to find the sites that will not try to steal your information, while staying true to its word of being free.

These are some of the most secure websites one can use to find their favorite ringtones:


Zedge is by far one of the most popular websites you can choose. It has a clean interface with a fast search engine that makes the ringtones easy to find. Simple tags also help narrow down the categories for the songs. Additionally, you can preview the song before playing to make sure that you have the right ringtone.

Beautiful layout, easy accessSingle MP3 format downloads
Multiple categories like alarm tone, notification tones
Access to HD wallpapers
Android app available
Preview before download


Phonezoo has a unique interface that might be a little funny to many people. However, you don’t need to create an account and reveal your personal information. It has an effective search engine that quickly helps you find your favorite tones.

Tones 7:

Tones7 moves back to the slick interface with ringtones categorized under genres. The sites feature more than 24 different genres that include Religious tones as well. No subscription is needed and the tones are completely free.

MP3 and M4R format availabilityMultiple adds
Simple UI
Preview files and instant downloading


MyTinyPhone allows the users to rate the tones once they are downloaded. This makes it much easier for users to see which tones are the best. The “Popular” category will allow you to see which of these tones are new.

Numerous ways to download/share ringtones via link/QR code/email/WAP.Multiple download options can be tricky sometimes
The sorting out features makes the job easyA bit slow in downloading
Android app: MTP
Iphone compatible ringtones


CellBeat is very similar to MyTinyPhones in that it allows the users to rate the ringtones once they are downloaded. Additional details like views and downloads are also available for you to see before downloading.


Mobile9 is one of the sites that allow you to find ringtones that are compatible with your device. At first, the site will ask which device you have. Now, you will have the option of finding the ringtones that are compatible with that device. Free users will need to wait a couple of seconds before they can listen to downloaded tones.

Multiple genres for all moods10 downloads/day limit
Nice filter/sorting ringtones featureA bit slow in downloading
Availability of android and windows app
Ringtones compatible for your phones specifically
Iphone compatible formats
Fonts,apps, games also available

Notification Sounds:

Notification sounds are one of the basic ringtone sites with basic features that allow you to search for your favorite tones. The site relies on a fast search engine to gather information. Additionally, all the tones are free and you can use the tags to find your favorites.


ToneTweet is a website that is new but has many different tones you can choose. Even though they have two download buttons for Android and iPhone separately, the one for the iPhone is the best one to choose for downloads and always works.


With most of the people in countries like the US using an iPhone, the cost of tones on the apps are expensive. However, iTunemachine is much similar to the iStore and gives you all the same ringtones for free. 


If you are looking for a site with many songs, Melofania is the perfect place to be. However, they also have many simple alert tones that you might like. The site is completely free and works fast when it comes to finding your favorite tones. 

Best Apps for Downloading Free Ringtones on Andriod & Iphone:

If you are not a fan of websites with slower loading times, you might enjoy using apps for your ringtones. These are updated more frequently and often have better search engines. TO help you find the top apps, we have compiled this list for downloading free ringtones from apps:


Much like the website, Zedge has a great application that many believe is better than the website. It has a smooth interface with easy downloads. The apps have great ratings on all the common stores for mobile devices.

Mobile9 Deco:

Mobile9 deco is a very versatile application to have on your device. It gives you all the common ringtones while uploading new ringtones daily. However, the app also features free games. Since it does not demand any subscription, you can enjoy and customize your mobile device for free.

Audiko App:

It is hard to see the point of downloading a ringtone if the quality is not what you want. The Audiko App is made to specifically give you the best quality sounds for all your tones. All the ringtones are in HD while allowing you to choose based on the size of your device as well. 

Ringtones Maker:

An app that people often overlook is ringtone maker. However, it gives you full customization of your ringtones. The app works around copyright infringements by allowing you to create and download your favorite tones. It is regarded as one of the very best ringtone applications for the iPhone.

Scary Ringtones:

Ever wanted to freak someone out with your ringtone, the Scary Ringtones app is perfect for doing this. While it might not have full songs, it has excellent alert notifications. Additionally, you don’t need to worry about any copyright violations.


UnlimTones is a little more complicated to use than some of the others. However, it has a vast collection of ringtones. You will need to sync the app with your iTunes app to get the best ringtones to work on your Apple device.

Ringtone Converter:

Ringtone Converter is another workaround if you live in a country with copyright infringements that could get you fined. You can customize some of your favorite ringtones to have the work the way you like on your device.

Ringtone DJ:

While creating ringtones is not for everyone, the Ringtone DJ application shows you exactly how to create and customize your favorite tones. It might have a steep learning curve, but you will be free of copyright violations.

Download Ringtones On Your Android With These 3 Steps:

For many people, it might seem like a daunting task to download the ringtones onto their Android devices. However, Android doesn’t have any hassles in doing so. Here is how you can do it in 3 easy steps.

1. Find Your Favorite Site:

With so many sites and apps, you will have to play around with them to find the one you feel the most comfortable with using. Once you have found your favorite site, you can search through the browser and preview your favorite tone. If you are happy, you can start the download process.

2. Enable “Unknown Sources”

Enabling “Unknown Sources” Is something that many people would never do. However, you need to allow the device the ability to download the tone. One the download is done; you can disable the function again. However, you need to make sure that you are downloading from a reputable source.

3. Set As Ringtone:

Once the download is complete, the tone might be somewhere in your files or playlist. You simply need to access the settings on your device and set it as your ringtone. Modern Android devices will allow you to choose the part used as the ringtone as well.

Download Ringtones For Your iPhone In 3 Simple Steps:

IOS devices are a little more complicated and you might need to consider sticking to apps for downloading ringtones. IOS does not trust many sites, and we can all agree that the standard application can be expensive. Here is how you can download ringtones for your IOS device:

1. Find Your Favorite App:

Since IOS allows you to sync your apps with the iTunes app, it is much easier to find and download ringtones. Using websites might often be a waste of time, as you will only have files the struggle to work correctly.

2. Create Your Own Ringtone:

The benefit of apps that allow you to create your own ringtone is that they will be unique. You won’t have complications with copyright, which means that your tone will be you legally. However, it might take some practice to create or recreate a ringtone correctly.

3. Buy The Ringtones:

As a last resort, you might need to spend some money on your favorite ringtones. Third-party applications might not have your tone or the version you are looking for. Buying the ringtones also helps you stay within the rules of the law of your country.


A good ringtone can help you hear your device when it rings and it can help you be unique. We all have favorite tones that we want to listen to and these sites now make it possible. Let us know what you think and which sites of applications you think we might have missed.